Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1/72 HMM Liger Zero Review

Very Impressive Kotobukiya Lineup

This is my first Zoids kit from the Kotobukiya's Highend Master Modelling lineup. This kit is overall really good due to the details and quality of the kit. This lineup easily the best Kotobukiya's product in terms of kit quality and the price simply explains it.

Liger Zero is one of the most well known Zoids in the series. It has become the main protagonist's zoids for several series. This version of Liger Zero for this kit is from the Zoids VS or New Century Zero. Where Helic Republic and Guylos Empire didn't exist anymore and Zoids are used for Tournaments.

For this kit you got the mini figure of Bit Cloud which are prepainted already. Bit Cloud is the pilot of Liger Zero and its CAS Variants.

Bit is the protagonist of the New Century Zero. He and the Liger Zero share pretty special bond with each other. He is the member of Blitz team and mainly serve as close range attacker. I didn't watch the anime though with playing Zoids legacy i got a few understanding about his character.

The particular reason that i want to get this kit is because i have been quite a fan of Zoids and Liger Zero is quite special. The reason is that Liger Zero in the game and anime series had capability of CAS(Change Armor System) which enable Zero to change its forms with different armors to suit different battle condition and increase the versatility of the zoids. The CAS Variants are looking pretty cool and when i get this kit i had a feeling that kotobukiya will release the different CAS forms which happen to be true. I am thinking of discussing Liger Zero in Mechatalk for further indepth details.

As for kit quality, the plastic are better compared to other Koto's lineup though it is not as good as Bandai's MG which is easy to clean the nubs. The details is pretty amazing since you don't need any paint for this kit to look impressive except some gold parts which is the fang and the Claw. Even without panellining the kit looks pretty good already.

The kit also had Zoids Core gimmicks which can be removed from the kit easily. Zoids core is the Mind of the Zoids. Without a zoids core, zoids are pretty much empty metal husk and a zoid will die if their core are destroyed. Some metallic organisms known as Organoids which several Zoids protagonists had are able to infuse with Zoids Core to improve the overall strength of the Zoid.

One of the Liger Zero Armament is Shockcannon which is a ranged weapon. This weapon is not that strong but at least provide Liger Zero to engage in ranged combat. However there is variant of Liger Zero is really specialised in ranged combat.

Liger Zero is equipped with Ion Booster as well which enable Zero to accelerate into faster speed which enable it to catch up against fast zoids such as Storm Sworder or Konig Wolf.

Another Ranged Weapon that Liger Zero had is its tailgun which i assume shoots out laser from it. I never seen Liger Zero used the tailgun but probably it is weaker than the shockcannon.

You can use the Action Base 1 from Bandai's product and it fits quite well. You might need it since some of the dynamic posing requires Liger Zero supported by action bases.

I tried to replicate the signature move of Liger Zero and its strongest arsenal: Strike Laser Claw. Liger Zero able to charge its claw with energy and even able slash through the thick armor of Zoids(Eg; Gojulas or Iron Kong). If i remember correctly most of the Liger Zero variants has this move except Schneider since it got stronger melee attack already.

Overall it is really great and as good as Bandai's MG since the kit doesn't require high modelling skill to build the kit and look good. The price is pretty expensive with most of the kits are around 4000 to 8000 Yen due to the quality. Compared to Tomy's Zoids kit this one are much better. Looking forward to get my Schneider Parts and hopefully it won't be that expensive(2000 to 3000 Yen).

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