Thursday, March 31, 2011

Legend of Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth

This OVA of LOGH is also known as Gaiden part 2 where it continues shortly after the first Gaiden. Unlike the first Gaiden where the focus is primarily on Reinhard and Schenkopp. This time Yang get an equal attention as much as Reinhard. In this OVA the background of Yang Wenli is revealed and how he earned the title of Hero of El Facil, then the story goes on the investigation of Yang about the history of Free Planet Alliance greatest hero; Bruce Ashbey. As for Reinhard the OVA show his adventures after his short assignment on Kapche Lanka as he avoided every attempt of his assasination. I didn't know that Reinhard is very skillful in physical department as he is even proficient in sword fight. The OVA is concluded to the part where Reinhard is promoted to admiral and finally become the rightful owner of the future flagship of Galactic Empire Army, Brunhild.

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