Friday, March 25, 2011

Tekkaman Blade

Great yet depressing series

Another anime that i finished recently one of the anime that i watch because of SRW. My Overall thought about this series are mostly positive and definitely one of the great 90s classic. Probably the only thing that sets off from this series is the inconsistencies of the animation which is pretty well known.

Tekkaman Blade took on the settings where Earth is devastated upon the invasion of Bug like Aliens known as Radam Beast. The Orbital Ring was the first target and easily destroyed by these aliens since no conventional weapon able to harm them, rendering human isolated on earth once again. The story begins when a mysterious armored humanoid known as Tekkaman Blade was killing the seemingly invicible Radam Beast only halted by another Tekkaman and called him traitor. Later on Blade was found unconscious on earth and found by Space Knights which he later joins and called as D-Boy.

The main character in this series is Tekkaman Blade who is called D-Boy in his human form. He is one of the two person who managed to avoid Radam's mind control though he is unable to maintain his Tekkaman form more than 30 minutes which may cause him went berserk if the time limit has passed. D-Boy able to transform to mighty Tekkaman by using Tekkaman Crystal and later he use a Robot called Pegas to transform since his crystal was shattered.

The reason why i said this series is depressing is because the cruel fate that D-Boy has to face which is the main story of the series. First D-Boy has to fight other Tekkaman who were people close to him that end up brainwashed by Radam. There are plenty of supporting characters died throughout the series and by the end only few survives. The first hard blow to D-Boy was he lost his younger sister Miyuki, who was a Tekkaman sacrificing herself in vain to fend other Tekkamans. Later D-Boy has to kill his own mentor and the last His twin brother, Shinya who was his Rival in Tekkaman Evil. To make it even worse near the end of the series as D-Boy access the stronger form of Tekkaman, he is losing his sense one by one and in the end losing his memory making him an empty vessel who only live to kill Radams.

The weakness of this series is the animation which suffer serious inconsistencies throughout the series and it is really bad even compared to other anime at that time. Pacing is also quite slow which are common issues for anime in the past, if the series had 26 episodes it would be gould enough to cover all of the story.

Despite the poor animation quality the last 2 episode is something else. Tekkaman Blade also had one of the best written characters since the development of them are really great especially D-Boy. This series also had awesome music and both openings really convey the series really well.


Probably Tekkaman Blade is one of the few power armor that capable of destroying Gundam easily. In one of the episodes it is shown that Tekkaman able to remain unscathed even hit by Nuclear Warheads. The Ultimate weapon of Tekkaman known as Voltekka is pretty much Weapon of Mass Destruction(WMD) capable of destroying a small moon with ease. Anyway to wrap up this post i will certainly recommend the series because it is one of greatest classic in early 90s and Voltekka is probably a good reason for it.

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