Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mecha Talk: Liger Zero

More in depth discussion for the CAS Variants

Since i had talked about Liger Zero in its kit Review, this time i will discuss about the alternate forms that i am familiar with. As you know Liger Zero is one of the most versatile zoids in Planet Zi and there are plenty of main heroes from many Zoid series that pilot one. There are 5 variants of liger zero that i am familiar with, 2 from Guylos Empire and 3 from Helic Republic.

First of all Zero Empire, this variants of Liger Zero doesn't really differ much compared to Liger Zero. Zero Empire is pretty much the Empire version of Liger Zero where they probably steal the data for this zoid.The overall performance are better than liger zero but it is not better than other CAS variants.

The second variant is Zero Jaeger which is from Republic. This CAS Variant improve the speed tremendously and the fastest form out of 5 variants that i mention in this post. This zoids is used by republic for reconaissance due to its agility. In terms of strength Jaeger is not any stronger than Zero but Strike Laser Claw is still pretty strong weapon.

The third form is Zero Schneider which i had mentioned in some of my post. Schneider is really strong in close combat with additional 7 blades attached on its body. This Variant also have better armor than Jaeger and equipped with energy shield just like Shield Liger in order to increase the survivability in fierce combat.

The 4th and last Republic's Liger Zero variant is Zero Panzer which is meant for long range combat and bombardment which other CAS variants unable to do. Panzer is definitely the strongest in terms of overall firepower and it capable to fulfill the role of several ranged zoids by itself. It is equipped with powerful Laser Cannon on its back and Missiles hidden all over the body. Zero Panzer had its trademark weapon; Burning Big Bang which Panzer unleash all of its missiles and capable of destroying small satelites with concentrated fire. However this form is the slowest out of 5 variants due to the heavy weapon and armor and the weapon drains energy really quick. Once Panzer unleashed Burning Big Bang it will overheat and inoperable for a period of time.

The last form of Liger Zero that i will mention is Zero X which is created by Empire. Probably this guy is the most balanced out of 5 forms which is somewhere in between Jaeger and Schneider. This guy is my favorite CAS variant as well due to its cool color scheme. X is equipped with shock unit which capable of stunning zoids rendering them inoperable for a short while which allow this guy to had a chance winning against other Zero Variants.

If my memory serves right there are some more CAS variants of Liger Zero though i recall some of them serve as permanent upgrade of Liger Zero which render other forms unequipable. Perhaps next time i will talk about Zero's rival; Berserk Fury/Fuhrer in Zoids Mecha talk in the future. By the way which CAS form of Liger Zero is your favorite?

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