Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1/72 Y-01 Interior Union Tellus Review

Another Impressive Armored Core kit

For Kit review of this week i present Y-01 Tellus from AC 4 and For Answer. This AC type is Humanoid and focused on Long Range Battle considering it is heavily armed with Ranged weapons. It appears Tellus specialize on energy weapon since most of the weapon equipped are Energy based. This kit is one of the cheaper AC4 kits though the price is still pretty high

At first i thought that this guy is using bipedal type of leg due to curving inward leg design though it is Humanoid type afterall. Tellus is created by LeoneMeccanica which later will be known as Interior Union. The AC type is heavy humanoid since a lightweight AC won't be able to sustain such a number of armaments. Since Tellus is focused on Energy weapon, it is weak against solid type ammunition so Large Missiles or Grenade Launcher would be a killer.

Just like my Hogire, the kit doesn't really need any paint other than the Weapons though i repaint the parts in Haze Gray into Silver which are belong to parts from Runner C and D. I messed up a bit during painting process for the weapon since White colour that i supposed to use doesn't work well and i changed the color to Gunmetal instead. In conclusion White paint is really hard to control.

Apparently Tellus Core type is Overboost which is the same with Hogire. Overboost is pretty useful for Tellus in order to maintain distance with the opponent since it cannot fight well in close combat.

On the left hand, Tellus is equipped with laser rifle Altair. I guess it is pretty much standard laser rifle and it serve as distracting shots toopen opportunity for Tellus to hit using  its stronger armament with higher chance of success hit.

The main weapon of Tellus is the Railgun Pitone which probably packs a heavy punch since in AC Railguns is one of the weapon that has highest damage. In exchange of the power, the weight of the weapon is pretty heavy and probably the energy drain and recoil is pretty high as well.

One of the back weapon is Medusa Missile. I guess the type of missile is Warheads which break down on several distance to release several micro missiles inside it. The Medusa missile is supported by the extension missile Scylla on the side of shoulder which will fire at the same time with Medusa. Warheads are pretty nasty weapons and pretty perfect on condition where the opponent closing in though it is useless if there are any ECM.

The other Backweapon is Laser Cannon Sirius which are more or less as powerful as Pitone. Perhaps the advantage for back weapon is that it has more ammunitions compared to hand held weapon. I wonder if Humanoid type of AC in AC4 or FA need to kneel first in order to fire cannon type weapon.

I don't think AC able to full fire its armament probably due to the energy drain which will overheat the generator for a single use and not a feasible strategy. This kit is overall great except the painful process for painting the weapons and perhaps the gunmetal version is more easier to build. i am considering to get Lahire Gunmetal or Alicia Unsung which looks pretty cool. Though i won't get it now since i had abit too much kit to handle already.

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