Sunday, July 1, 2012


Genghis Khan is perhaps one of the Historical figure that i really admire thanks to Age of Empire series which i think portraits his exploits really well(Mangudai is awesome unit!). Therefore recently i decided to watch a movie adaptation about Genghis Khan's life called Mongol. Probably you will only watch this Film if you either like history or happen to be Genghis Khan fanboy. Mongol mostly tells about early life of Temujin and his eventual ascension as ruler of Mongol, Genghis Khan.  My thought about this movie is rather mixed, The battle in the movie is really lacking because it doesn't really feel like a Mongolian Warfare at all since the majority of the fighters in the battle are Foot Soldiers rather than Horse Archers which are supposed to be the backbone of Mongol Army(i suppose it is due to budget constraints). On the other hand the movie flesh out really well the sources of Genghis Khan's "Yassa Code" which become the Mongolian Empire code of Law stated by the ruler himself. I also didn't expect the Great Khan have his life really hard before he unite Mongol as in the movie he became a Slave at a point of his love. In short if you expect great battles from this movie, you will probably disappointed(like me) since most of the Major Exploits of the Genghis Khan happen in later part of his life which the movie doesn't cover. However the movie tries to shows that even the Great Khan who conquer half of Asia continent have lots of hardships before he become a conqueror.

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