Sunday, July 15, 2012

Revoltech Monster Hunter Rathalos Blademaster

After Revoltech Rathalos announced few months ago and released recently, Kaiyodo decide to do follow-up of their Revoltech for Monster Hunter series. This time we get the Hunter action figure which is Rathalos Blademaster. The action figure will be released on September this year with 3200 price tag and Just like Rathalos, there will be also Azure version of the Rathalos Armor released in limited run. This version of Rathalos Blademaster is from MH Tri series which got pretty good skill in MHP3 where the armor gives you 50% chance of landing critical hit on enemies weakspot when it comes in a set. The action figure also comes with Rathalos Great Sword and SnS which are MH Tri version as well. I won't be getting this action figure since the Azure version is running out already though hopefully there will be more Hunter Action figure coming up. While i loved to see Lao Shan, Kushala or Teostra armor to get a cut, i think the newer MH armor will be prioritized first in which i will be gladly to get Rathian or Agnator armor.


  1. I'm still a bit confused why the limited version is the Azure Rathalos instead of the Silver Rathalos =/.
    But hey, Monster Hunter figures! About time!! XD

    1. If Kaiyodo ever intends to release Silver Sol, it think it will be Japanese Exclusive just like Mana's Takemikazuchi. Because Kaiyodo need to mold another weapon since there is no Silver Rathalos GS and thus make the release even more limited.

      Btw you are playing MH too hiroy_raind?

    2. Huh, you're right, I forgot about the weapons. A Silver Sol set with Gun Chariot would be glorious! XD
      And speaking about limited, I got a feeling they'll release the weapons that's not included in the normal releases as limiteds ;^^.

      I do, although only starting around last year and only played Portable 3rd.