Friday, July 13, 2012

Some stuffs arrived for July

Hmm in this month i think i managed to hoard pretty rare stuff compared to my past loots. I managed to get Vardant Toy by Megahouse and Armor Plus Tekkaman Rapier from Mandarake relatively cheap. Last time i also saw another spare Vardant and Brave Gohkin Linebarrel which is only 3500 yen though probably they are gone already. I also got Gespenst Mk-II and LBX Odin from Amiami which makes my backlog doesn't get any better though i will probably able to build the LBX relatively fast. If you are looking for Japanese hobby rare stuff, check Mandarake first before deciding to find it elsewhere


  1. Ooh, Vardant and Gespents Mk-II Custom!
    I have the Albero ver. of Gespenst Mk-II Custom (pretty much the same, just different color and weapons), and it's one of the better Kotobukiya kits, although the shoulder-to-body connection is a bit weak because it's a balljoint instead of a peg.

  2. I used to consider getting Albero's Mk-II but in the end i find Kai is really badass so i get his version first.

  3. Yeah, in-game wise he's much more awesome and useful. As a kit, I just liked Albero's more because of the colors.
    And it still have the Double Plasma Buckler anyway :P.