Friday, July 27, 2012

Shin Gihren no Yabou Gihren's playthrough

For some reason after a year playing Gihren's greed i decided to play the game again, this time i use the infamous leader of Principality of Zeon with 240 IQ who is no other than Gihren Zabi. Just like Revil's campaign, Gihren's conquest of earth took few days to finish as the reins of all Zeon army is in your hand. Overall Gihren's route is more easier compared to Revil's as you won't face any nasty Mobile Armors like Big Zam or Braw Bro. Compared to EFSF, Zeon starts with much lower resources but arguably better tech tree as they get MS earlier than EFSF. Most of my base capture operation is quite a breeze except when i try to capture New Yark which is the 2nd base i capture. I didn't manage to capture the base fast enough as my Zaku II F and Zaku 1 are poor anti air units and Feddies 2 range bombers called Deep Rogs are slaughtering them and took 20 turns just to capture this base while others took 3 to 5 turns. One Advice for early game is that you try to make as much as anti air unit as possible from Dopps to Zaku II J with Magella as the majority force you will face early on are mostly Air units.

In this playthrough, i try to make Gihren as lawful as possible as i don't use Solar Ray or dropping colonies to earth(which is actually quite useful). I also managed to avoid Garma's death and make Ramba Ral succeed in capturing White Base by sending him Doms. This playthrough also makes me appreciate Zeon's MS more as i understand roles of MS Igloo units or why the weird Acquy Variants are created in the first place and also didn't expect Zaku comes in so many flavors(though most of them are pretty useless). Compared to EFSF, i find Zeon's Grunt and MA are far more superior as they are more powerful despite more costly. Also instead of Mass producing Gelgoogs, i decided to Mass Produce Gyan instead which proved to be really a beast in melee(i can have my revenge on GM Striker!) and High mobility Gyan variants are probably my favorite Zeon MS.

For Zeon's MS, there are couple of recommendations for some units to be mass produced as they are probably some of the better units for Zeon.

-Zaku Cannon
-Dom Cannon(once you get this you can replace your Zaku Cannon)
-Hildolfr(even in late game it still provide some nice artilery support)
-Rick Dom II(just use this unit as the your main backbone units on space)
-Desert Zaku(best Zaku Variant early on since it is able to scan and not totally helpless against air units)
-Any Zeon's MA(they are pretty much monsters)
-High Mobility Gyan(Any Feddy suits try to melee this guy will feel really sorry)

Recently i also managed to finish Garma's playthrough and unlike what i think, i didn't get his new life Zeon scenario in this game which would have been really awesome since Garma with ponytail is the best Zabi. Hopefully in the next installment of Gihren no Yabou we get that scenario again along with Zeta Gundam stuff.


  1. This is a great game! I have it but lacks the determination playing. It's all Japanese and a difficult start up... A pity that epic game series like this don't have English translation.

  2. Getting started with this game is really hard indeed, even i have plenty of hardtime when i am starting to play this game at first which makes me have to restart my campaign 4 times before i can finish one. Though once you can navigate through the menu, you can play this game easily without necessarily having good understanding of Japanese. Truly one of the more rewarding Gundam Games where you will find tons of UC goodness once you are getting hang of it.