Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wonderfest 2012 Kotobukiya Muv-luv series

From the recent Wonderfest this week, Kotobukiya announced several new lineups for their Muv-luv kits. First EF-2000 is finally confirmed to be released for next year along with Su-37 Terminator. Finally the Russian TSF get a Plamo treatment which adds more variety of Kotobukiya's lineup and if things go well probably more Russian TSF will be coming up(Berkut anyone?). Though i don't i will be getting the SU-37 since painting the kit would be a pain due to camo scheme. But i think will probably get the Typhoon since i get some good plans for it. Seeing the trends of the recent Muv-luv kit released by Koto, probably we will see more TSF featured in Total Eclipse released as a kit (perhaps ACTV or F-22 will be coming up?).

Also the 1/144 Muvluv lineup that Koto introduced is getting F-15E Strike Eagle which is unexpected, probably Kotobukiya decided to pull this move as it is less risky compared to releasing the kit in 1/100 scale due to lower cost. Takemikazuchi also get another variant as well, this time it is Type 00-A as a Japan Exclusive mail order stuff released same price as other Takemikazuchi and scheduled on november this year. The kit featured some extra parts that replicate the scene in Kashgar Hive where Ayamine in her heavily damaged Type 00-A ripped off a Grappler class head as a sign of not giving up the fight against BETA despite her TSF condition. Hopefully there will be more TSF kits released by Koto and i am still waiting for my YF-23.


  1. Yeah the camo is pretty much impossible for a non-painter like me, but I'll get it anyway hahaha.
    It's kinda funny since the Typhoon was announced earlier, but was now delayed till next year. If it's because of the anime, then I'm expecting Berkut to be at least planned when it appears in the anime.

  2. Oh, I'll be getting that Terminator for sure. Too bad for the white Takemikaduchi for being a limited release, as I really want it, unless it's a "limited" run like Tsukuyomi's unit, which was available is most online stores for a good while.

  3. 1/100 is ideal for me! Must get at least one of these kits even though I have a lot of unassembled backlog kits.