Sunday, July 8, 2012

Muvluv Alternative Total Eclipse episode 2

Well the 2nd episode is certainly way more satisfying than the first Episode and my expression is just looks like F-14D above. The Total Eclipse anime is more like Muvluv series now because DESPAIR is joining the ride! Basically the 2nd episode shows how terrible BETA are for newcomers to the series where majority of the BETA strains are having really fun party on Kyoto. The BETA and TSF animation are pretty good despite being 3D animation. As expected Yui's friend are all dead in this episode each killed by different strains and the last 2 deaths are probably the most gruesome ones. They don't really put much good fight considering it is their first live battle but it is still a disappointment because they are Royal Guards. It is such a waste that they got to pilot Zuikaku, they should just be given Gekishin instead. Anyway for those who have read Muvluv Alternative, there are some nice cameos in this episode and hopefully there will be more coming up. I didn't expect Type 00-R is already finished by Siege of Kyoto though definitely it is not Ikaruga who pilots it since he used Zuikaku at that time and the Type 00-R animation is one of the main feature of this episode. The 2nd episode makes me resolved to watch Total Eclipse all the way through because i particularly want to see how this anime will end.

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  1. Just watched it too. What a slaughter fest lol. It was obvious only Yui would survive but I sure didn't see coming the 00R appearing and saving her sorry ass styling everywhere.
    Overall I liked it, although the debut of the series would have been better had they aired episodes 1 and 2 right from the start.