Thursday, July 5, 2012

Volks A3 YF-22F Review

The Prototype of the TSF killing machine.

Since Muvluv Total Eclipse anime is airing now, i will be pushing more Review for my Volks A3 which i will provide some detailed information that i know with the relevant TSF. For the first one i will review the Volks A3 of YF-22  which are known for their deadliness in Anti-TSF combat and the prototype of F-22 Raptor which debuted in Alternative Coup d'etat arc.

YF-22 is a prototype TSF developed by Lockweed Mardin(Definitely not Lockheed Martin) around early 90s to determine the next generation of US Army TSF forces replacing F-15 Eagle. There are two models of YF-22 developed for the project YF-22X and YF-22F which have different engines for each model. The contender of the YF-22 is the YF-23 developed by Northrock Grumman. YF-22 possess Stealth technology which makes it harder to detect by other TSFs which give them great advantages in close combat with other TSFs. . In the end YF-22 wins the project despite YF-23 possess higher combat potential against BETA. This is because US Army considered that YF-22 will gives them more benefits compared to YF-23 once BETA are eradicated on Earth(which won't happen any soon in Altverse).

After owning couple of Volks A3 i guess i am rather tolerant with the Articulation capability of the lineup. YF-22 doesn't really have much accessories included in the package which makes me wonder if anyone bought this toy for the full price.

In terms of specs YF-22 have reasonably high performance all around and focused in ranged combat just like other previous US Army main TSFs. Average Eishis will not likely survived when they face against F-22 though in Alternative it is shown that Experienced Eishis are able to survive like Sagiri during coup d'etat arc(despite Walken's F-22 is rigged). There are also couple reason why YF-22 wins the project other than its Anti-TSF capabilities. At the the time of the project, Alternative is being drafted and F-22 is seen to be the matching TSF for the project where they serve as cleanup squad after BETA Hives are bombarded by G-Bombs. Ironically the Alternative V indirectly helps Alternative IV project to get XG-70 which Lockweed happened to be one of the developers.

During SImulation test in the project, YF-22 yields really high ratio of TSF kills with average 1:150 ratio against F-15 while YF-23 only managed to perform 20% of YF-22 performance in this department. So far there are no TSFs that able to match the performance level of YF-22 which makes F-22 to be the best TSF killer in Alternative timeline.

YF-22 would be an easier alternative if you are looking for Volks A3 F-22 because Mandarake always have YF-22 in stock from time to time with the price range of average 2500 to 3500 yen. I will definitely get YF-23 someday because Kotobukiya won't have anytime soon for one of the cooler TSF design. Probably in next few episodes of Total Eclipse we will probably get to see some F-22 in action


  1. Is this worth getting if it is 4000 yen? How much is SAL Registered shipping to Sydney on average for an A3 from Mandarake?

    1. Not really, you can get this guy around 3000 Yen if you are patient to wait for it though it's brother unit YF-22X worth abit higher. The SAL registered cost about 1680 yen the last time i bought my A3.

    2. Thank you for your reply. After reading many comprehensive reviews from, I 've learnt that the F-14 and F-22 series are about 18cm tall, while the F-4 and F-15 series are 16cm tall. This seems to reflect their conceptual scale.

      I personally like the Strike Eagle the most, but I might opt for a future Revoltech as the lineup silhouette suggests along with the Su-47. Revoltech seems to be on freeze at the moment. I am not sure if it is due to licensing issues.

      I would prefer Revoltech over Koto-pla or A3s, but the A3 ones being fully painted boasts a sense of top of the line finishing quality and I would just like to try one out.

      Were most of the A3's that your bought described as blister unopened, opened(without used being mentioned),or "used"?

    3. Better avoid A3 version of F-15E which are terrible since it is the early version of the lineup.

      the A3 that i got from Mandarake are half unopened and half used. Just keep in mind some of the used A3 are possibly damaged like my F-4 though most of them are in good condition.

      you can find the A3 archive over here