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1/100 Huckebein Mk-II Review

The Vanishing Trooper strikes back!

At first i decided to make a straight build of the kit but i consider to repaint the kit since it would be a waste for such kit to be left unpainted. Though i didn't expect that i will paint most of the part and in the end my Huckebein has overall somewhat darker color scheme compared to the original one. Probably for anyone who are not familiar with SRW would be easily mistaken this mecha as Gundam. Overall quality is still okay for this kit given it is one of the early Kotobukiya release.

Huckebein Mk-II is the sucessor of the Huckebein 008 which is the first Personal Trooper of Earth Federation that use Extra Over Technology(EOT). This PT is known as Vanishing Trooper due to ill reputation of an incident involving Huckebein during a test piloting which cause the whole base where the experiment conducted disappeared due to the explosion of Huckebein. Huckebein MK-II has overall better performance compared to Huckebein only losing slightly in terms of firepower since Black Hole Cannon is proven really strong. Mk-II is equipped with Gravity controller which enable the pilot to manipulate the gravity surrounding Mk-II at a certain extent. One of the common application is to create Gravity Wall which provide some protection for Mk-II against attacks. The reason why Huckebein is so similar with gundam is because Huckebein would be what gundam looks like in SRW universe and the designer of this mecha is Hajime Katoki himself who is well known for some of his Gundam designs.

Mk-II is seen sortied for the first time during the Divine Crusader war and continues to the service during L5 campaign. The official pilot for Mk-II is Lucklyn Brookfield or Bullet member of ATX team. Due to its success this PT will become the base model of the next Mass Produced PT for EFA. In SRW OGs i give Mk-II to Ryoto since he has more useful skill for this mecha.

Bullet firstly appeared as one of the main protagonist in SRW Alpha paired with Kusuha. In OG verse he joined ATX team along with Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning. He has really strong sense of justice and rather straightforward man which Excellen often tease him. His piloting skill is more oriented to Melee rather than Gunfight which makes him less suitable pilot for Huckebein. His true mecha is the Tiger God Ryukooh as you can see in the picture above.

Kyosuke: What are you doing Bullet?
Bullet: Standing on a rock sir!

This kit includes figurine of Bullet which is 2 out of 4 1/100 SRW kit that got figurines. Though i don't have anything to complain i find that the pose that Bullet does is rather weird. Probably Kotobukiya decided to include the figurine to justify the price of the kit considering back then SRW kits are quite cheap.

The kit included all weapons that belong to Huckebein Mk-II and the weapons done very well especially the G-Impact Cannon. As for the kit quality itself it is rather poor by today's standard as they have issues just like older SRW kits which i won't say anymore. Some of the joints such as the arm and the torso and hip connection are flawed in particular due to the simple joint design. Nevertheless the kit looks really great once it is painted just like other kits. I also added some decals since Real Robots will look lackluster without these.

The first Mk-II weapon is the Photon rifle which is pretty much Gundam's beam rifle. Just like Beam rifle in MSG, this weapon is considered strong rifle type weapon during its early sortie as Mega Beam Rifle or M95 Machine gun are weaker compared to it. Later in OG 2 it becomes rather mediocre since M90 Assault Rifle or Magna beam rifle become more available.

The second weapon of Huckebein is Roshe Saber which is slightly more powerful than regular beam sword. Though it is still considered to be weak as a melee weapon as other PTs have better melee arsenal.

And the third weapon of Mk-II is Chakram Shooter/Caster which throws high speed rotating blade chakram that capable of ripping through the enemy with ease. Despite it is a thrown weapon in the game it is considered as melee weapon which Bullet has some damage bonus with his infight skill.

Ideon Gu- i mean G-impact Cannon fire! This is the strongest arsenal that Mk-II have. Though it is not as powerful as Black Hole Cannon that original Huckebein has but it has more efficient energy consumption. Due to its size, the cannon are sent from the mothership(Hagane or Hiryu) when Huckebein commence to attack with this weapon.

To wrap up this review i would say this kit did pretty well for the first 1/100 SRW kit. By now this kit would be the rarest out of its kind. Last week HLJ did have some of these kits with 50% off which is very good deal and sold out very fast for sure. Though if you still want to get this kit you can try to find it in YJA and if you are lucky you could get it around $60 including middleman fee.

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  1. This is so cool... I trying to get one too after my Alteisen!