Friday, April 22, 2011

1/100 SRW kit completed!

With the Huckebein Mk-II recently finished i managed to complete my 1/100 SRW kits collection and  now it is not only Dalong who got the complete collection. The completion of the collection is one of my goal for this year and i am quite satisfied that i am able to achieve it since Huckebein Mk-II is the biggest obstacle to achieve it. I am going to repaint R-1 on one of these days since my skill back then doesn't reach my expectation and perhaps for Wildwurger i might be planning something for it as well. As for my SRW kits collection i think i am almost finished mine as well considering i already get most of the kits that i want. Probably my collection is completed once i get Rein Weissritter, Soulgain and Thrudegelmir. I might also consider G-compatible kaiser though the chance is still 30-70.


  1. Would you recommend the 1/100 R-1? I've been thinking about getting the 1/144 version, but it seems everything falls off and has very loose joints. How well fares the 1/100 R-1?

  2. R-1 has slight issues with balance for some reason and the articulation slightly worse than 1/100 Alteisen.But the R-Wing mode is pretty cool and it got quite a number of weapons.