Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mecha Talk: Vatshu the Black Knight

One of the most feared Mortar Headd in Joker Galaxy

For Mecha Talk post this time i would like to introduce one of the Mortar Headd that is capable of fighting against LED Mirage; Vatshu the Black Knight. What makes this MH feared is that The Headdliner who pilots it is one of the best Headdliner in Joker Galaxy and called "Black Knight" accompanied with one of the few Fatimas that has Flawless Status which mostly attained by Chrome Ballanche's Fatimas. This Mortar Headd does not have any affiliation with any nations though the Black Knight sometimes hired to train the headdliner for some nations. There are only 5 Black Knights throughout the Joker Galaxy history and only one exist in each generation, the most famous one is the 3rd Black Knight, Decors Weismell who contributed to many victories early on for Magic Kingdom Buchtgma against Holy Kingdom Hathuha.

As the name implies, Vatshu are mostly black in color. There are several version of Vatshu as it undergoes modifications from time to time. The early version of Vatshu are equipped with rectangular veil and Peidoll Spire. When Weismel become the 3rd Black Knight, Vatshu is equipped with Speids and Round Veil. The last version of Vatshu is seen equipped with Spaads and Rectangular Veil. This Mortar Headd bears the emblem of Tomoe which belongs to Princess Yarnn who is known as the  Black Princess who is famous for bringing peace between mankind and the five dragons.

The only Fatima for Vatshu is Est who is created by Dr Morard Carbyte who is one of Chrome Ballanche best friend and rival at the same time. Unlike most Fatimas, Est is designed to find Headdliner by herself who deemed worthy of piloting the Vatshu regardless the compatibility with her. She is possibly the most tragic Fatima ever exited since countless Headdliners had died in Vain to be her master. Est is one of the most special as well, due to her resemblance with Princess Yarnn, The black dragon(one of the 5 dragons) adorns her and she is under his protection. Throughout her life she served under 6 different masters, 5 of them are Black Knights and the other one is Colus 26th(i don't think he pilots Vatshu) who will be immortalized as the Joker Galaxy Liberator from Amaterasu. John Weinzel, one of the Mirage Knight used to travel with Est as well during his youth.

Out of 5 Black Knight i only know 4 of them since i recall that the 5th Black Knight has not appeared yet in the Manga.
  • Tsuri Peidoll, the first Black Knight and killed in battle with Bang Doll
  • Roadoos Dragoon, the second Black Knight who is the mentor of Colus 23rd, killed by Decors Weismell who succeed the Title
  • Decors Weismel, probably the strongest Black Knight ever lived. He affiliated with Buchtgma  and famous for killing several Mirage Knights. Had a child with Spark who will join Mirage Knight
  • Buntline Gore, the 4th Black knight who sided with Colus 25th. killed in the battle with Mirage Knight Karrer Chrysaris
  • Gerard Symian, is the 5th Black Knight though i don't know any details about him.

Throughout the Joker Galaxy, Vatshu has carved a significant name in its history. Even 10000 years after the final battle in Floating Palace where Fatima doesn't exist anymore, The black knight still left its legacy in a single sword which has Est's name carved on it. As for plastic models, the Wave's release are quite old and Volks has several releases of it. Perhaps Wave might rerelease the kit in the several years from now. If anyone interested with FSS fanart you can find it here


  1. I believe that you have the 4th and the 5th Black Knight mixed up! FSS opens with Karrier and Sydmian Guard fighting. The Colus resistance is mentioned, and Sydmian is the 5th Black Knight.

  2. Thanks for the correction! I should have double-checked with my source material when i wrote this article. I haven't been following FSS recently, but i have to say Vatshu is still one of the best MH as it's history is filled with constant clashes with famous MH especially with the third Headdliner.