Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dungeon Siege Thrones of Agony

One of the great old PSP title

At last i managed to complete one of my unfinished game in PSP. Despite it is old title Dungeon Siege is pretty good dungeon crawler game with great gameplay mechanisms. Probably it is not known very well considering PSP had quite hard time early on its life. If you have played Diablo 2 more or less the mechanisms are similar in a way. Definitely this game is much better than any Dungeon crawler game made for Iphones such as Dungeon Hunter.

In this game you can choose one of the three character as your starter. Each of them have distinct ability and you can further personalise your character up to your own taste. I used Allister as my main and i make him as melee build which is not that bad. His specialty is that he change his elemental power at will depending on the situations.

You also can get followers and you will get 1 in the beginning and as the game progresses, you will find more followers to be recruited. I would recommend not to use Melee followers since the AI is quite dumb that they will charge towards their death. Your ranged followers are the best choice and you will either get 1 or 2 of them in the game.

In this game you are capable to change class after reaching certain level and you have 2 Hero Class and 4 Legendary class for each character. The available legendary class depends on what Hero class you choose previously. As for myself, my Allister is Arcane Champion who is pretty much melee oriented mage. Despite he won't be able to match Morgrim most of the time i don't find any problem playing using him at all.

The story of the game starts as the 3 different Heroes descend to Broken Lands for their own goal. As for Allister, he is seeking his lost lover Sedara who was travelling to Broken Lands beforehand. The setting used in this game are pretty similar to most Western RPG just like Diablo 2 though the tone is less darker. As the story progresses the Heroes are aware of the growing evil presence throughout the land and they soon figure out that they have to slay the source of problem Queen Malith who reigns on lost city of Agallan on her Throne of Agony. There are 2 different endings for each character depending your action taken in the last stage.

This game feature an overworld where you travel to explore the dungeons or just do the quests. In the overworld there are places known as the Shrines which capable of giving some useful buffs. You will travel through broken lands to see different places beautifully rendered as well.

The gameplay of this game is quite easy if you know how to play it. Basically you just need to kite single enemy each time and you will be fine. Though it will be quite troublesome if you are caught in the crowd. You might find the game abit boring until you get to certain level where you had decent gears and skills already and you will find the game will be pretty fun. Some people might say this game is lack of challenge since the bosses die really quick and even you can kill the final boss very fast with decent level. However the Elite mode seems pretty challenging so far.

Here is my status for my most used character. I had Serin as my second character which i will probably promote her to blade master for her legendary class. What makes me really like this game is the depth of the story lore which seemingly inherited from the previous installment of the series. The only issues that i have with this game is the slow loading time which were common issues with older PSP games. I think i am going to play Dungeon Explorer: Warrior of Ancient Arts which is a grind fest story and has boring story though i recall the gameplay is pretty fun

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