Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Non Scale Grungust Type 3 Review

In Zengar's custom color Scheme

Perhaps the only reason i get this kit is because of the SRW OG Inspectors anime which feature alternate color scheme of Grungust 3 not to mention Amiami currently had 50% off with this kit. Overall it is a solid kit which doesn't require any paint to match the exact model.

Grungust 3 is the 4th model of Grungust which i recall made by Tesla Leicht Institute. In SRW OG 2, 2 of these units are given to Hagane and Hiryu. One for Zengar and another one for Bullet and Kusuha. Just like Grungust 1 and 2, Grungust 3 is capable of transforming into 2 forms, G Bull which is a Land Tank and G Raptor for aircraft mode. In terms of overall performance Grungust 3 is better than its predecessors though during OG2 story both of the mecha pretty much wrecked, one is destroyed by Inspectors another one destroyed by Einsts and assimilated by Choukijin to form Ryukooh/Koryuuoh.

If the SRW OGIN doesn't show up this model i don't think i will get this kit since i am not that fond of with the Original Color Scheme. At first i expected that the color of the kit will be dominantly dark blue but it turns out that Black covers the majority parts. I painted most of the part except the White parts and no panelline is applied. For the original color scheme, you don't need to paint at all since the color of all parts match the original scheme. The custom color scheme remind me of the Grungust type 0 which was piloted by Zengar as well in OG1

One of the weapon that Grungust 3 has is the Boost Knuckle where the hands are thrown at enemy just like Mazinger's Rocket Punch which are staple for classic Super Robots. All Grungust had this weapon as their basic armament.

The drills that Grungust 3 had on the back can be mounted on the hand which can be used for Hand to Hand combat or enhanced the Boost Knuckle into Drill boost knuckle. Thrudelgemir which is Grungust 3 mutated by the Machine Cells throw the boost knuckle with drills.

Another weapon of Grungust 3 is the Omega Blaster which is energy blast unleashed from the chest which has long range and perfect for wiping out grunts.

All grungust had a sword as their Strongest armament and for Grungust 3 it is equipped with Zankantou type 3 which will be used by Daizengar when the Grungust 3 destroyed by the Inspectors. Zengar often use the small version of Zankantou when he pilots Grungust 3 for melee combat probably due to the energy consumption of full size Zankantou which Grungust 3 doesn't have enough energy to maintain it for long.

The strongest arsenal of Grungust 3 is the massive sword called Zankantou(Colossal Blade) which makes any sword that any Gundam has looks like toy. The full length of Zankantou spans more than 100 meter which Super Gerbera Straight used by Astray Red Frame Powered(though i doubt the blade is as strong as Zankantou). The Zankantou fulfill Zengar's need which he always say in his dynamic kill quote that "there are nothing that he cannot cut". Later on when Grungust 3 wrecked, Daizengar will inherit the Zankantou.

Waga na wa Zengar! Zengar Zonvolt! Aku wo tatsu Tsurugi nari!
Zankantou!Shippuu Dotou!

The feet of Grungust 3 is pretty solid to allow the kit stand on one leg which i doubt the non scale Daizengar able to do.

Compared to Non Scale Daizengar the Grungust type 3 is more solid especially the feet where Daizengar had very weak connection. I am thinking to get Sladegelmir if the kit is reissued by kotobukiya considering it has the best Zankantou in my opinion.


  1. i hope they reissue it as well, i love the color scheme and it reminds me of big Fau from big o

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