Friday, April 15, 2011

Persona 4 Anime announced

I didn't expect this series to be animated considering i find there is no need for Persona to get anime adaptation. Probably the series will run for 26 episodes though it is quite possible for it to be made into 13 episodes as well. The Protagonist name is now changed from Seta Souji(which is used in the manga) to Yu Narukami. What i wish this anime could do is that it could focus more on persona action and hopefully MC is not stuck with Izanagi only. I wonder how this anime will deal with Social link stuff considering it is one of the main focus in the game. Hopefully the anime does not have to turn out like Trinity Soul which really deviates from Persona. Here is the fanart collection for Persona 4 if anyone interested

Here is the link for official website

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  1. When I first heard that one of Persona 4 was gonna be animated, I was surprised and happy at the same time. I mean, it is one of the best games that I've ever played. But you're right, most people didn't expect this game to get an anime adaptation. One of the reasons I'll be watching this is because it will retain the Japanese voice cast of the game.

    Michelle Pendlelton