Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1/100 Alteisen Review Revisited

Doing some more Picture retakes just like my Wildwurger.

It has been  a few months since i review 1/100 Alteisen, i decided to take more pictures for this kit since i think that i took too few pics back then when i reviewed this kit. This time i do much more better poses compared to the previous time.

Glad that the LED is still functioning. Bandai probably did a pretty good breakthrough with their LEDs since it is really easy to assemble those compared to Kotobukiya's. i bet the LED gimmicks for 1/144 Daizengar will be really tough one!

First of all with the Autocannon again. this weapon is nothing special in particular probably the firepower is as strong as or weaker compared to M95 machine gun. But this gun probably suits more compared to beam weapon for Alteisen.

In my opinion this kit's Heat horn gimmick is much better compared to the Chogokin version in which the horn is burning. The weapon pretty much work in similar way with Gouf's heat sword. I really wonder how Alteisen able to fling the opponent using it's horn only since it is pretty small which give little power to leverage. I would rather see this weapon more fitting to pierce or cut through the armor.

Revolving STAKE!

While the translated version the weapon is known as Revolver Stake, the japanese version is called Revolving Stake just like Plasma Stake and Jet Magnum. This weapon represent characteristic of Alteisen which is able to charge through enemy line. The mechanism of this weapon is the bullet will power the Stake which gives piercing power necessary to break and penetrate the enemy's armor. The mechanism seems to be simple but looks awesome enough.

Despite Alteisen is a land unit and a bulky one, it has plenty of boosters good enough to allow this mecha has high velocity though it is also one of the reason that this mecha is hard to control and only Kyosuke able to pilot this PT efficiently. Logically Alteisen will move through the terrain by hovering instead of walking considering it will be really slow for alteisen to walk on foot. BTW i wish Kotobukiya made action base for their large kits since even Action base 1 is unable to fit with this kit and i have to tweak my action base in order to mount my Alteisen.

My Stake will Pierce the Heaven!

Just another talk about Revolving Stake. I notice that Alteisen usually hovering in high speed and strike the Revolving Stake with a Jab. Once the hit connected, then Alteisen land an uppercut which hooks the enemy and disable the enemy to escape and probably gives more damage and in the end Alteisen discharge the revolver to power the Stake.

Another typical characteristic of Alteisen is that it usually unloads all of the ammo at once to give maximum damage as possible which happen to be really true with Alteisen Riese.

Heavy Claymore!

The claymore in Heavy Claymore probably refer to the land mine that shoot out lots of Shrapnels when activated. For Alteisen, Alteisen launch lots of Titanium balls(i wonder how much it cost) in high speed and probably each balls explode into smaller pieces which is capable of making holes through the enemy. i wonder if these balls also explode in contact with anything.

I also decided to replicate the scene of test fight between Alteisen and R-1 in Izu Base again which look more like a deathmatch rather than a sparring. In this battle Kyosuke learned his ultimate technique for Alteisen. I don't think i will review R-1 before repaint it totally which is not anytime soon.

R-1 initiates with T-link Knuckle!

Alteisen blocked with its left arm but R-1 managed to sever it

 R-1 is preparing another strike

But it is too late! Alteisen got R-1 first...

And Heavy Claymore point blank range = OUCH!

i really wish Kotobukiya will release 1/100 SRW lineup again and hopefully it is Weissritter since Alteisen will look more awesome with Rampage Ghost. Probably in near time you will see another SRW kit review coming up.

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