Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Got my Christmas Package

Pretty special stuffs XD

Yesterday i just got the package that i ordered from Hobbysearch last week, didn't expect that it will arrive sooner than i expected since i am expecting that the package will arrive on wednesday due to the holiday. Here are the items that i ordered.

Even though it is not that many but these kits are pretty heavy duty, the items that i am really looking forward are the 1/72 Liger Zero and 1/72 Armored VF-0S. I ordered some armored kit as well to make my AC collection more merrier. I don't think i will built these any soon considering i still have some more kits to work on from the previous loots. I don't think i will need to get more stuffs for 4 months though there are 2 kits left and i don't need to get anything for a while.

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