Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top Wo Nerae! Gunbuster

Didn't expect that Hotblooded Female Protagonist would work so well.

I finished watching the series which consist of 6 OVA episode early in this month and i would say Gainax really have good animating skill since its early life. I am motivated to watch this series since people claim that Ibis from SRW are based on this series protagonist and Noriko looks adorable. Overall it is decent Super Robot show which start slow but becomes awesome near the end of the series. I heard people said that Gunbuster is the series that started Fanservice in mecha series.

The main protagonist of Gunbuster is Noriko Takaya chosen student for Gunbuster Project who aspire to go in space just like his late father who was a captain of a Space Battleship/ Noriko starts really weak in the series who is terrible in piloting mecha which makes other fellow student extremely hates her until she prove her worthiness. Noriko's particular characteristic is her hardworking and preseverance which makes her to become awesome in the end of the series. I would say Noriko is pretty cute and lovely and you will see plenty of her Fanservice in the series.

The Gunbuster project involves 2 person one is Noriko and the other is an exemplary student who Noriko called Onee-sama and really admire. Early on the Onee-sama reject Noriko to be her partner since she is afraid that Noriko will die easily considering her skill was still low early in the series. Gunbuster itself refers to a 250 meter Mecha that is the last hope of Humanity against the enemy in the series which will show itself to be really awesome in the 5th OVA episode. During the 5th episode here is the mecha actions are intensely packed where Noriko went Hotblooded and Gunbuster slaughter literally billions of Aliens.

The mecha in this series is pretty broken compared to normal Super Robot since it capable of fighting billions of enemies without a problem which makes it not that convincing at all(still better compared to TTGL). The enemy in this series are bunch of Aliens which are bunch of mindless creatures that only aimed to destroy humanity. Overall story is so-so but well made enough for a 6 episode. However the fanservice level is quite awesome and you will see that the uniform is pretty sexy and some boobs as well considering Gunbuster is made as OVA series . The Fly!High! theme is really awesome as well. in SRW @3 this unit is really kick ass despite having high unit value.

After watching Gunbuster i am now sure that the project Terrestrial Dream team are based on Gunbuster. Definitely Ibis is Noriko in Real Robot since Ibis starts really suck in OG(she is terrible pilot in OG2) while Sleigh is bitchier Onee-sama probably mixture of Onee-Sama and Jung characteristic as for Tsugumi, she is half Onee-sama and Half Kimiko. The Terrestrial Dream team itself is a mixture of Gunbuster for the pilots and Macross for the mecha.

I would recommend mecha fan to watch this series since it consist only 6 episodes and it has really cool moments that makes it worth to watch it.

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