Friday, December 24, 2010

Combination Attack! Uruz Strike!!!

Time for Dynamic Kill!

With Arbalest finished i am now able to complete my Uruz team and take a group shot for them. This Review is inspired by Combination attack of the FMP team in SRW W called "Uruz Strike". FMP team is one of my favorite Rosters in that game and their combination attack is my favorite as well since it only consume 30EN for each member which are not used by them on normal attack and pretty powerful. So far this is the hardest taking of photograph since it is quite difficult to set up the pose.

In this review i will take several poses with each member at least once acting as the lead according to their particular speciality.

Sousuke in Arbalest usually spearhead the strike and fight in close combat
While Mao provide support attack and occasionally engage enemy in melee
And Kurz provide some Cover Fire and initiate the strike first from distance

Mao as the Squad Leader sometimes act as the decoy while Kurz and Sousuke shoot down the enemy. Sousuke might be better in melee fight compared to Mao but she has survived several dangerous conditions such as battle with Behemoth or fight against Codarl.

M9 Gernsbacks standard equipment is a Machinegun not Shotgun, i wonder why Aoshima doesn't give the Machinegun for these kits. Actually Arbalest also use machinegun occasionally.

Despite Kurz is the best sniper in Mithril, Mao and Sousuke are pretty proficient with Sniping enemies from distance. These versatility allow them to engage the enemy in various conditions without any problem.

In the actual combination attack, the FMP team initiate with Machinegun shots then Kurz provide support fire with the sniper rifle while Mao continue to fire the Machinegun. Sousuke take the opportunity to approach the enemy and fight in melee either with the Anti AS dagger or Lambda Drive punch.

The main issues during the attempt to take photographs for the review is that the hand is really loose which makes the weapons tend to drop easily which are happening to M9 Gernsback in Particular. Aoshima really need to fix the Hands and the leg design to improvise the lineup for the kit. I think i will getting another FMP kits should Aoshima release another one. I wonder what it will be Falke? Codarl? or directly Laevatein?

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