Monday, December 6, 2010

Yuusha Ou GaoGaiGar!

Hotblood and COURAGE disguised in kid mecha show.
Yesterday i finally able to finish the whole series which i have been watching for the past few months and it is a great show which reflect great characteristic for Super Robot Series though the animation is still left to be desired. GaoGaiGar is the last series of Yuusha franchises due to the contract between Sunrise and Takara was ended afterwards. I was interested to watch the series after playing SRW W which GGG is pretty awesome then @3 as well. Since this show was meant for kids, it is quite hard for me to follow the story considering you will see plenty of whiny kids throughout the series. Probably the best part of the show are the courage of the mecha characters as a whole team instead of individual character.

The show is mainly divided into 2 parts the Zonder metal arc and 31 Primevals and concluded in the fight of Zonder Robo. The main character of this series is Cyborg Guy who was turned into Cyborg after accident with Zonderians together and the other main character is 3rd year boy Mamoru who had mysterious power to purify the Zonder Metal. In the first arc the series introduce most of the cast with monster of the week basis then concluded by the fight with 4 machine kings. the enemies in the first arc are metal based monster formed by the person's imagination who are implanted with zonder stone which Guy have to save on regular basis.

The second arc is the fight with the primevals which are the source of the Zonder Metal, in this part 2 of the previous villains join with the protagonist to fight the Primevals. The Primevals aimed to cover all inhabited planets with metals which happened to be Earth this time. The final boss is Master Z which i used to fight in @3 and SRW as well but in W Master Z is really annoying since he is capable of cutting your unit's hp to half each turn regardless of hp amount. The series concluded with Guy turned back into human with some miracle and Mamoru left the Earth for his task.

The main mecha in this series GaoGaiGar which are formed by combination of parts that resemble with Vehicles and Gaogaigar is also armed with some weapons that resemble with working tools such as screwdriver or pliers. As for the supportin mecha Gaogaigars are accompanied with Yuushas(though Kouryu and Anryu come later in the GGG Final) which are introduced as the series goes on. Based on look Yuusha might resemble with transformer considering they are able to transform into vehicles as well. I bet when i was a kid i had quite plenty of toys based on yuushas though most probably they are bootlegs .

This series is really awesome because while the main character is really courageous and probably Guy is the best portrayal of a hero, the supporting character are very courageous as well. They
 will fight until the last of their strength and really selfless and the bonds between them are really beautiful in a mecha show.

Hikari ni NARE!!!!!!!

This series is probably has plenty of downsides as well, while the story might look awesome it is pretty unrealistic(though not as unrealistic as TTGL yet) and you will see the City wrecked can be rebuilt in a single day effortlessly(bet the GGG has plenty of money). The quality animation is quite bad considering it is a tv series and you will see lots of reuse of Stock footage. I don't really like the kids in the show since they are always making extra trouble for being in dangerous situation and they pretty whiny as well.

After watching this series i am planning to watch other Yuushas as well(hope i can bear it) and the first series that i will watch is probably J-decker. I also plan to watch GGG final to see the conclusion of this King of Braves considering Genesic GaoGaiGar look pretty awesome.

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