Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Loot for this Month

Kinda late actually

Originally i intend to show these loots as Late November loot however since i am waiting for my SAL package from HobbySearch which has not arrived until now. I got most of the loot just after the final exam ended. As you can see most of the loot i get is from kotobukiya not because i don't like gundam but these kits got my priority first. I bought these kits from separate order from HLJ to AmiAmi and if the package from Hobbysearch had arrived you will see one more Frame arms and Break Blade kits.

I become interested to get 1/144 Arblade Custom after seeing it in action in @3, at first i didn't intend to get this kit since i thought it was the regular R-Blade which i am not really fond of however it is different case with Arblade custom since the upgrade is pretty good. Some of you might know that i have /100 Wildwurger already, so why i get the 1/144 Scale again? I saw the kit in good price on HLJ during Kotobukiya sale and grab it instantly. Expect i will do something special for this kit. As for 1/144 Cybuster it is pretty big kit, as big as 1/100 SRW kits. i don't think i will give plenty of paint jobs but i will judge whether the price of the kit really worth it.

Finally i get one of the kit that i have been anticipated. Actually i am quite disappointed that this kit really lack of weapon accessories but finally i can finish my Uruz formation.

Do you think which kit should i do first?

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