Monday, December 27, 2010

1/60 Eltemis Review

My first Break Blade kit

Finished this kit last Sunday when i had nothing to do during the Christmas day. Nothing special in particular with this kit though the kit joint system is similar with the Frame Arms lineup. Break Blade doesn't really have really cool mecha design yet though hopefully there will be in the future.

Eltemis is the Golem that belong to Athena Kingdom in Break Blade Universe. 5 of these golems are used by Valkyrie special task force in an operation to capture the King of Khrishna. In terms of Performance, overall it is slightly better than the Grunt units in the series with capability to shoot further as well.

Early in Break Blade series the main protagonist, Rygart fight these Units in Dirfinge and the speed of Dirfinge definitely cause the Valkyrie team much trouble. The protagonist's best friend, Zess happen to lead the Squad and fight the protagonist. However the strength of Dirfinge ultimately cost the lives of 2 Valkyrie members and 1 captured while leaving 4 of these golems destroyed or critically damaged. Zess is almost killed by Rygart undeliberately which almost cost his leg as well.

The only weapon that Eltemis have is the Quartz Gun with mounted bayonet though i suppose this golem can use other weapon as well. The Gun can switch between anti personel or anti golem to suit the conditions. One advantage that this golem has is the range which cause the Khrisna soldiers keep taking losses while the task force is still intact until Dirfinge shows up.

The frame arms internal part might promising in theory however when it comes to real stuff the quality is still not satisfying. This kit still has issues just like other Kotobukiya kits which is articulation. I suppose the armor parts really limit the possibilty articulation for the kit. This kit probably the best representation of the franchise which are metaphorically not ripe yet but reaped already just like Kurogane no Linebarrel. I worry that this will cause the premature end for the series considering the media companies will likely affect the ongoing manga series.

I would say Break Blade doesn't have really good mecha design when compared to Linebarrel or obviously Gundam series thus it can only prove the series to be good with the story. The story is really interesting and still pretty good so far with no sign of ending soon despite one of the cool character died. I wish the backstory of Dirfinge will be explained anytime soon.

Overall this kit is pretty mediocre and not really recommendable to get with the slightly expensive price tag. I won't be getting another Break Blade kit unless Kotobukiya release Armored Dirfinge or Dirfinge equipped with katana.

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