Sunday, December 12, 2010

SRW OG Inspectors episode 11

I decided to watch the Raw Version 11th Episode since i find it too long to wait for the subs. Overall i can understand 70% to 80% of the content. In this episode we will see Arado doing the combat simulation with Alteisen then followed with Lamia drinking Kusuha Health Drink(another victim fallen for her drink) and in the last half of the series Garret Kenneth launch Coup D'etat to EFA meanwhile the main cast are fighting against DC backed up by Shadow Mirror and Axel sortied in in Ashsaber while Arado sortied with Incomplete Wildwurger armed with M95 machine gun only. I really love to see Wildwurger appear though it is not the time for it to shine yet since i predict that Wurger will be shot down in next episode considering little can be done by Arado without Beetle Crusher and Metal Sword  . Probably in episode 12 we will see Vindel personally enter the combat with his Zweizergain wonder if Zengar will appear as well?

As for episode 9 and 10 , i was really amused by episode 9 and it is the best episode so far for me with Trombe in action and the breaking of 4th wall by Vigagi. While for episode 10 i am not really amused with it though the battle costume of Latooni and Shine is pretty cute and that Royal Heart Breaker however the mech that Archibald piloted is quite ugly for a Lion Series.

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