Monday, December 13, 2010


COURAGE to the Maximum!

First this going to be pretty short talk, I just finished watching the FINAL few days ago and i would say it is pretty great continuation of GaoGaiGar. This time Guy faces 11 Soul Masters who plan to destroy Earth again by replacing the Solar System with their new Galaxy and Guy with the rest of GGG team must stop their plan. The animation is pretty epic near the end though the ending is kinda sad. The animation quality this time is much better than the TV series.

The mecha that shown above is Genesic GaoGaiGar, Ultimate God of Destruction formed by Guy fusing with Genesic Galeon and the Machines after losing his GaoFaiGar during the fight with 11 Soul master. Genesic GGG design is much cooler and look less like kids mecha, in SRW this mecha hits pretty hard. The villain this time is pretty tough one for Yuusha teams and beaten up really bad since the soul masters are able to regenerate everytime they are destroyed. However even with the toughest ordeal the Yuushas are able to prevail again and destroy 11 Soul Master with Goldion Crusher(pure Ownage). The OVA ending has different tone with the TV series. This time the GGG are trapped in the Soul master's universe since they sacrifice themselves to allow Mamoru and Kaidou to return to the Solar system though the outcome in SRW @3 is much happier.

We believe someday that our Heroes will return!

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