Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Finished this one at last.

I had been playing this game for a year already since i keep procrastinating to finish the game, probably this is the easiest SRW that i have played so far and with this 3 out of 6 SRW that i play is finished already.

Unlike other SRW, this game is separated into 2 parts which the later part takes place 2 years after the mid stage finished. The first half is based on Mazinkaiser, GaoGaiGar, Nadesico, Tekkaman Blade and Full Metal Panic concluded with GaoGaiGar final episode while the Second Half are based on Nadesico Prince of Darkness, FMP Second Raid, Orgun, Tekkaman Blade 2, Gundam Seed+Astray and GaoGaiGar FINAL. The original enemies doesn't really show up until the second half story begin.

Some new system in this game is instead of gaining SP to learn skills, the pilots gain BP when they level up which are used to augment their pilot status only. this series also implement Skill parts which can be used for pilot to learn skill which can be usually gained from destroying bosses. On the top screen here are my to pilot status. Deathscythe Hell custom get the third place since it kills plenty of grunts back in the first half of the game while Genesic GGG get the 2nd place thanks to the GGG FINAl event where he kicked 11 soul masters grunts plenty. Obviously on every SRW i tried to get my Original pilot to be the top ace every time.

Some of the units that i recommend to use in this game are:

  • MazinKaiser(One of the powerhouse and the tank, got more attacks compared to @3 counterpart)
  • ShinGetter(Another Powerhouse, Stoner Sunshine FTW and 3 man seishin pools)
  • Great Mazinger(More useful compared to @3 version, together with MazinKaiser and Shin Getter had access to the strongest combination attack)
  • Tekkaman Blade(Got access to Voltekka Blaster in Blaster mode which is really strong with Soul. Give ignore size and infight skill parts for this guy)
  • Arbalest(When Lambda Drive is activated , Arbalest pack quite a punch also had pretty good combination attack with M9 gernsbacks, upgrade the weapon and you will see this guy hit as hard as Super Robots)
  • Justice/Freedom Gundam+ METEOR(These guys are beasts when they got the METEOR unit since they had the best Map attack and solid Combination attack, give them Hit and Away)
  • Genesic GaoGaiGar(I still prefer the @3 version but still really solid mecha, Good for boss killers)
Some Real Robot Pilots has good advantage over Super Robot pilots since they had access to Soul(2.5 damage multiplier) while the Super Robot Pilots is limited to Hotblood only.

The game is pretty easy since the Enemies barely able to hit you when you properly upgrade your unit and the Bosses don't have thick HP except the Final Boss who had 2 forms which accumulate up to 500k. however the battle is still pretty straight forward since it rarely spam the MAP attack and you kill him easily within 2 turns. The original mecha unit in this SRW is possibly the biggest protagonist mecha in SRW universe towering 220 meter(almost as big as Gunbuster!) and its name is Valcazard. You got Valcazard roughly 7 stage before the final battle and i would say it is not that impressive since the attack power is not that powerful despite the size and even its strongest attack maxed out is still pale in comparison with Goldion Crusher and Final Dynamic Special. The final attack of Valcazard is using Arm Stora as Bow unleashing surge of energy with similar animation with Ain Soph Aur of Dis Astranagant.

You don't really need any good understanding of Japanese to play this game as long as you can memorize the Seishin lists you are good to go. The secrets are not that worth it but pretty convenient to have such as Lightning pack for Strike Gundam or Red Attack for Powered Astray attack. This game is also pretty lighthearted since most supporting characters that died in actual series can be saved (most of them are from Gundam SEED though). I think i will finish @3 first and then either playing SRW Z or OGs or K or Masoukishin.

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