Monday, January 10, 2011

1/100 Bang Doll

This is my most favorite Mortar Headd Design in Five Star Stories. Bang Doll is one of the MH that has quite some reputation in Joker Galaxy and probably one of those MH that can fight with LED Mirage.  This is the flagship mortar Headd of Kubalkann and it earns its name Erupting Puppet due to its transformation process and there are only 7 or 8 models of this exist in the entire Galaxy.. The reputation of this MH is pretty famous since it defeat Vatshu the Black Knight and Ashura temple in the manga. The current Headdliner is Muse Van Reyback, Cardinal in training who will be really well known in the future. Bang Doll's main armament is pretty unique, a Speid(Physical Blade) which can be used as Spaad(Laser Blade) as well so it is a two in one sword.

So far the one that manufacture FSS kits are Wave and Volks only and this kit is made by Volks. The 1/100 kit are really huge since it is almost as big as a Perfect Grade. Most of these kits in this scale are made from Resin which require high modelling skill to handle the kit. Too bad mine is not high enough yet but someday i will get one of those. Hopefully Wave will release the 1/144 scale in the future

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  1. "So far the one that manufacture FSS kits are Wave and Volks only"

    You're forgetting Workshop Cast which is the 3rd official company producing FSS kits.

    There are also several unofficial companies such as Silicone Tribe and Neograde.