Friday, January 28, 2011

1/144 Wildwurger L Review

Review is up as promised

Probably this my current longest time to finish a kit, it takes about a week to finish this kit due to some distractions such as Monster Hunter and work. I would say that i am pretty content with the result even though it is not perfect.

Wildwurger L is one of the secret units that you can get in SRW OG2 by meeting some criterias. Probably it is the best secret unit for supporting characters who don't have good PTs such as Katina, Russel or Ring. This Wildwurger doesn't really differ with the one that Arado piloted except the color scheme and equipped with extra stun shot. Katina is probably the best candidte for this mecha considering she is pretty good with her close combat skill.

This kit is pretty crappy in terms of quality since it is one of the older SRW lineup of kotobukiya. The articulation are really limited and the joints are pretty loose especially the joint between the thigh and knee and the arm which you need to apply some cement to keep it intact.

I am quite satisfied with the paint job especially th eorange color since it almost match with the original design perfectly. Some parts i had to paint in different color than the actual one since i don't have the right paint. The parts in Black actually should be on Gray but i can't find any suitable spray cans for this color. Masking took almost half of the construction time since there are plenty of parts in different color are molded together in one color. The most time consuming one is to mask the Stag Beetle Crusher.

The kit comes with some decent gimmick such as the Triple Vulcan which can store the Cold Metal Sword without removing any parts and the Stag Beetle Crusher had pretty wide angle. Too bad the kit only comes in 2 pairs of hand, one pair for holding weapon the other one is clenching fist. I wished Koto included some open hands for this kit. Don't expect any armor purge for this kit since the price of this kit is pretty low for SRW kits of Kotobukiya

Compared to 1/100 Wildwurger, this kit easily pale in comparison with it. Though you can get both 1/144 Wildwurger and Wildwurger High mobility type cheaper than the 1/100 kit. Expect some more kits come in custom color scheme since i had some of those plans in the future.

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