Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tsukihime Manga

Well i stopped reading the manga few years ago since the update was slow. However i begin to finish what i left on recently and i find the manga adaptation of the first Typemoon works is pretty good. The manga follows the Arcueid Route(pretty much the canon one) faithfully while providing details that the original VN route didn't have and explaining some informations from Far-side route that are necessary. The battles scene is pretty good as well since it is able to represent power level of each characters really well. As for the Drawings i would say the mangaka did splendid job for it as it is beautifully drawn. Compared to the Non-existent anime version, the manga is proven to be much superior adaptation. I wish the manga did Akiha's route though i am content at least that there are some good doujins for Akiha.

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