Friday, January 7, 2011

Panty, Stocking with Garterbelt

Gainax did it again!

This series is one that really stand out among the series of last anime season as expected from Gainax. Gainax did really amazing job on the anime they work on no matter what genre it is. The anime is animated with american cartoon style which is kinda rare for Japanese Animation. The story of each episode are the parody of famous american tv series or movies such as Sex and the City or High School Musical.

The series is about 2 Angels sent down to earth due to their misbehavings and they have to hunt creatures known as ghosts to gather Heavens coins in order to return to the Heaven. The 2 angels are Panty who is very lustful and loves sex while Stocking is a fool mouthed goth who loves to eat sweets. The supporting characters are Garterbelt, Afro Priest who gives mission to the Angels and frustrated with their Behavior and Brief, Nerdy boy who had unrequited love with Panty due to his lack of wits. Main antagonists are Demon Sisters; Scanty & Kneesocks who serves as rivals for the Angels

Well the main appeal from the series are not the American style of animation instead it is Fan Service and Comedy in particular the sexual one. This series has a lot of Fan Service, the transformation scene is already mindblowing with how sexy Panty and Stocking in full size. you will also find plenty of parodies from many series and  which is frankly almost crossing the borderlinelots of Sexual reference(even one of the heroines used her underwear as a gun!). This anime is almost stopped being aired from tv because of episode 3 and 4. The music of this series is pretty awesome as well.

Panty and Stocking has pretty mediocre story and less serious tone considering it is a comedy anime, so you won't actually find anything really deep in the series. Compared to American cartoon i would say Panty and Stocking has really different feeling compared to it despite having same style of animation. Gainax instill their value on American cartoon and thus create this anime. Also expect this anime is same with other Gainax Productions with their typical "Gainax Ending"

Most of the episodes are pretty solid while some are not really good. However the best one is the "Transwhoremer" on Episode 6 and "Panty & Brief" on episode 12 for me. Probably most fans are really shocked how handsome Brief is and the dere moment of Panty is really priceless. Too bad the ending end up to be a twist !

Overall it is one of the anime that got high priority to watch from last season since it is a solid title. Personally i see this as another Gainax's experimentation which turned out to be very well received by the general audiences. I wonder if there will be any second season for this series.

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