Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/72 Rosenthal CR-Hogire Noblesse Oblige Review

ACFA Kits really impress me

This is my second Armored Core kits actually and this time i did the proper job for the kit unlike my first. In this review i will just call this Core as Hogire since the name is pretty lengthy. I am really impressed with this Kotobukiya lineups and definitely one of their best and the price really worth it. So far with my experience from Kotobukiya, the Armored Core lineup has the best details.

I had been wanting this kit for so long when saw it at the first time. At the time the kit was discontinued temporarily though by the end of last year Kotobukiya reissue the kit and i decided to get one straight away.  I actually prefer Hogire rather than White Glint for some reason but i had to admit the White Glint's design is really top notch.

Armored kits definitely look the best when viewed in sideview considering they are somehow looks anorexic in front view probably due to the hand. It takes me 3 days to finish the kit as the process started from construction, painting and finishing touch. The kit doesn't really need paint for the mecha except for those gold parts but you really need to paint the Weapon alot since it only molded in one colour.

Myself didn't have a chance to play Armored Core: For Answer since i didn't own PS3 though i am quite a fan of AC and played some other AC Games such as Last Raven and Formula Front. Hogire is one of the NEXTs that is manufactured by Rosenthal. The Raven for this core is Leonhardt who is pretty reputable though died pretty fast in the game. Judged by its design this Core is All-around type and fight in middle range mainly.

In Armored Core there are 3 types of Main Body: EO, OB and Standard. Apparently Hogire is OB type which stands for Overboost which capable of accerating in really high speed for a short time which is useful for Evasive Manuver.

Hogire is one of the Core from Armored Core 4 which later show in For Answer and upgraded into Noblesse Oblige. Hogire in FA is armed with Machine Gun, Energy Blade and distinct 6 Plasma Cannon mounted on the back. Most of the parts are made by Rosenthal except the energy blade and the Plasma Cannon.

The machine gun that Hogire wielded is apparently using the solid type of ammunition(not sure though), there are some details in the magazine which is nice for additional details. I didn't know that the machine gun in FA is quite big in size considering back in the old AC the Machine gun size is only as big as SMG for AC.

The energy blade equipped on Hogire apparently is the mediocre one which means it doesn't really prioritize in close combat. I wished Kotobukiya included some Beam Effect for the weapon since it seems that i can't pull any good pose without the beam effect. I rarely equipped Energy Blades in my AC since it is really hard to melee in the old game and i am not that proficient with Humanoid type AC and prefer the Tank type instead.

The plasma cannon definitely the feature that really distinguish Hogire with other Nexts. Each Plasma Cannons is not powerful on their own compared to other back mounted cannons but it is capable to shoot all at once which is proven to be pretty lethal. I think in ACFA the Humanoid type Core is able to shoot the back mounted artilery while standing while in the old AC the core need to Kneel first in order to withstand the Recoil. I bet 3 or 4 full Salvos of the plasma cannon will cripple other NEXTs quite bad if all of them are landed. I wonder if the FCS allow multiple target locking with this weapon?

This kit is really worth the price considering the amount details provided. Yet again Kotobukiya make their kits so unfriendly for beginners, so don't touch these kits yet if you only built 1 or 2 Gunplas with no painting experience considering you will miss the great possible details from the kit.

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