Monday, January 24, 2011

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Well finally got a psp to play this game at last! I just played for few days and it was pretty fun though can't play that much at the moment since the PSP that i bought had broken analog button which is serious issue for this game. I will fix the button once i get the replacement parts for the analog button which should come in few days.

Well here is my current character and i main with Lance or Gunlance which were my previous main weapons in MHP2ndG. Too bad it seems that my lancing skill skill got rusty after a year not playing the game but definitely my skill will return as i progress through the game. I am planning to get the UMD copy of this MH if it was to be released on western shore just like i did with MHP2ndG. Currently my progress is going to do 4 star Village Urgent Quest which is Rathian, it seems to be slow since i did some adjustment to get used with the new maps.

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