Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mecha Talk: Mighty Alpha/Akatsuki Hime

Piloted by the strongest Headdliner in Joker Galaxy.

This is my experimentation to discuss mechas without reviewing the plamo at all. In this post I will share what i know about the mecha and its quality. Probably in the near future you will see quite a number of FSS or SRW mecha but i will try to discuss Gundam as well.

Mighty Alpha is one of the 3 Masterpiece MH that Dr Diamond Neutral created in the Mighty Series along with Beta and Gamma. The Mighty Series are created with the help of Amaterasu who gave LED Mirage engines(Strongest Mortar Headd Engine) to Dr. Diamond Neutral. This MH is equipped with a Distinct Speid which crafted by Suzuka Taisen and proved to be really strong weapon. Diamond Neutral requested that the one who pilot this MH is stupid and reckless at the point that he/she does not fear death. This MH is finally piloted by Strongest Headdliner ever lived, Maximum Holtsfor Kaien. The MH earned some nicknames: Twillight Princess(Akatsuki Hime) and Beta Mirage which max named it by himself. The first appearance of the MH is in the Volume 13 of FSS manga though there are no any battle appearance of it so far.

Nagano's character artwork might look ugly at the first look but he has similarity with Yoshitaka Amano(FF Character Designer) in my opinion which when the artwork is translated to another form, it looks really beautiful. Maximum is the true legacy of Super Empire, where the Chivalries are 1000 times stronger than a headdliner. Maximum is the result from unfinished project of Chrome Balance to create the strongest Headdliner which continued by his apprentice, Meeth Silver Ballanche. Max is born from embryo implanted in Fatima Auxo with the gene of Kaien(the last super empire legacy ever lived) which technically made him siblings with Magdall and Depre who are Kaien's children as well.

In terms of power probably this MH surpass LED Mirage and possibly as strong as Junchoon (Strongest MH ever existed). This is one of my favorite MH since i find it really elegant with feminime quality. The pics above is the resin kit of the mecha made by volks. I wish Wave would release this one though i doubt it will happen any soon considering FSS lineup are pretty obscure which result in pretty slow release of the new kit.

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