Monday, January 3, 2011

Yosuga no Sora

Pretty much mediocre VN adaptation.

One of the anime that i watch from last season is Yosuga no Sora or Skies of Connection. After i finished the series i would say the story is mediocre at best and just another Slice of Life VN titles. Probably the only reason that this anime gained attention is because the anime include Sex scene which is a good bait especially for teenage boys.The thing that distinguish this title with other Visual Novels is that the Main Route is incest rather than normal one.

The main character in this story is Haru with his twin sister Sora begin to move into their old house in a small town when their parents died in an accident. Haru is your average VN protagonist who is kind and easy to get along with girls, he is similar with Makoto itou from School Days with more common sense. The Anime Story is divided into 4 routes of the Heroine with 1 routes branch to 2 Heroines. There is one heroine that didn't get her route in the anime due to the length of the anime which made it impossible.

The reason why this anime is mediocre are is because the story are pretty generic VN materials and neither  mindfucking such as Ever17 nor Epic like Fate nor Tearjerking like Clannad. The animation quality are pretty standard of nowadays anime which are good. For your interest the sex scene is nothing special and you only get to see some breasts which is kind of breaking the border already for a normal anime but don't expect the sex is as intensive as the average Hentai animes.

Probably my favorite heroine from this series is Akira. I like her because her characteristics for being really cheerful and positive about life though i don't like her route nor the rest of the girls. The anime follow the VN pretty faithfully judged from the CG of the VN and Music is pretty nice as expected from this kind of anime. For your interest the one who design the characters of the VN is Hiro Suzuhira who draw the characters of Shuffle! along with Aoi Nishimata therefore you can expect really good character drawing from the VN.

If anyone played the VN before probably you won't have nothing to lose for not watching the anime. I would prefer that none of this kind of anime get released again in context of being more explicit compared to normal anime but nowhere in Hentai anime level. Probably this kind of anime is not good to be aired on televisions because it is not appropriate.

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