Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finished Clannad

Pretty lengthy VN

At long last i had finished the VN that i tend procrastinate as well. I had to say that this VN is very heartwarming and definitely better than your average eroge due to the story though it is not the best on my list. This VN is one of the "clean" version of Key works for PC game. Key make up for the lack of H content with much bigger story of the VN considering Non-H VN on PC rarely sell that high.

The VN is divided into 2 main parts, the school life of the protagonist, Tomoya and the After Story which takes shortly after Nagisa's route which is considered to be the canon one. Probably 70% of the content is the Highschool life while After Story takes the rest 30% of the content. In the First Half of the game the story is divided into several routes where Tomoya may end up with one of the 5 main heroines in the game while the After story is the story of Tomoya living with Nagisa with exploration of some characters around Nagisa. The main objective in the game are gathering the lights which are used to unlock the True Ending in the After stories the lights are gathered by clearing the character's route in School life and After Story.

At first i thought this series is just another plain school life drama but i was wrong. The After Story part is probably the main feature of this VN in my opinion where the saddest part of the game lies here. Probably the part that move my heart in this game is where Tomoya decided to raise Ushio properly after learning the fact that His father faced the same ordeal back then when he raised Tomoya. I would say tomoya's dad life is really tragic considering that he sacrificed everything to raise his son properly.

The reason why this VN mainly didn't become my favorite because i find the High School life part is too exagerrating. They make the simple stuffs looks so dramatic which is pretty unecessary and  there is no specific explanation of character's circumstances( Ie: Nagisa's disease) while also lacking of philosophical stuff inside the VN. I would say After Story really need some story expansion considering the Ushio story part is pretty squeezed. I still prefer Mindfucking VN story such as Ever 17 or Saya no Uta because Most VN title concentrated in Highschool life

Personally i don't really like Nagisa because she is too stubborn and stupid. If she didn't stay outside in the winter back then probably her family will be very happy and she doesn't have to suffer that much as well. Probably Tomoyo or Kyou would be much better partner for Tomoya. I wonder how is the progress of Tomoyo After's translation project.

The main theme of Clannad is Family which is why the story is really heartwarming. Family can support each other and go on with the hardships throughout their life as long as they had people supporting their back. This is the longest VN i had ever played and Sengoku Rance only managed to reach second position due to tactics instead of wall of texts. I probably will play Muvluv or Shuffle after this VN.

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