Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1/100 SA-16d Khanjar Review

Much better result this time.

This is my 2nd Frame arms kits which is one of the recent lineup from Kotobukiya. I did better masking job this time which result in satisfying paint job. The previous issues that SA-16 Stylet had still exist in this kit since the internal frame is unchanged at all which is the main source of problem. I would say this kit comes incomplete considering it is lack of accesories for its price.

Khanjar is a close combat type of unit which is another variation of SA-16 Stylet. Compared to Stylet, Khanjar is more lightly armored which allows it to be faster and more manuverable. Probably this mecha served as shock trooper considering it is not suitable for head on battle with the opponent which have thicker armors in general.

In terms of look, Khanjar doesn't differ that much with Stylet. The only different parts are the legs and the shoulder armor aside the weapons and color scheme. The color scheme is pretty nice but yet again you need to paint quite a lot in order to match with the booklet sample.

Khanjar is equipped with Machine Gun and Grenade/Rocket Launcher which suits for close range combat. In the manga it is shown that Khanjar also wield Longsword/Katana as melee weapon which can cut Gourai in half easily.

The kit is slightly expensive compared to stylet since it comes with Stylet parts as well molded in black color. Probably Kotobukiya give these parts in case the builder doesn't really like the design of Khanjar which i find abit anorexic. I wished Kotobukiya had better job for the lineup instead of giving the spare parts of existing kit.

I will customize this model as soon as i get my Modelling Support Goods since i find the kit is too basic and i plan to make this kit look tougher with more weapons. Kotobukiya doesn't really had any improvement in this lineup based on the Stylet lineups probably they still figuring out what kind of mecha design that they should offer. Probably i will get the 1/100 Lapieal to add another collection for this lineup.

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