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1/100 MG Hyaku Shiki Review

My entry for BMKWC

Just as promised this is the review for Gunpla after it has been for a while that i am posting any of it. I used this kit for the Secondary category of Bandai Model Kit World Cup though this is not the primary goal for me making this MG. The main reason that i get this kit and repaint it because Hyaku Shiki is one of my top 5 favorite MS and Bandai never release any definitive version of this MS save for the HD version which are hard to find and i decided to get the Ballute system since it is easier to paint compared with the original one that look awful with its gold coating. In this review i will rather review the Hyaku Shiki itself rather than the Ballute system. I called this version of Hyaku Shiki as 真(True) Hyaku Shiki as this is the true version of this MS in my perception.

Hyaku Shiki appeared for the first time in Zeta Gundam which is used by Lt Quattro Bajeena fighting under AEUG against the fascist Earth Federation faction Titans. This MS is secretly created by Anaheim Electronics and serving as testbed for a transforming MS project. Hyaku Shiki is painted in Gold color because it symbolize the mockery of Anaheim to Titans who didn't even notice the production of this MS with their occupation of the company. However the actual reason for Hyaku Shiki's color to be gold is that it represents what Knight of Gold from Five Star Stories would look like in Gundam Universe as it is designed by Mamoru Nagano himself. Even the wish of Hyaku Shiki's creator is that the machine would last for a 100 years reflect the will of Lachesis wishing for a Gold Mortar Headd that will last for 10000 years.

Quattro Bajeena is no other than the Zeon Ace Char Aznable and i will discuss his character as Quattro only. He used this pseudonym when he infiltrate the Earth Federation ranks under the mission of Haman Karn who he cut off his contact with when he feel Haman's ideology is not his best interest. In Zeta Gundam he plays the role of the main protagonist's mentor for Kamille who even he taught some of his tricks such as the Red Comet kick. The most important part he plays during Zeta Gundam series is during his speech in Dakar which he cause Titans to lost considerable influence in Earth. During the end of the series he fight Haman Karn while Kamille face Scirocco and he was defeated since his machine is too weak against Haman's Qubeley and her Newtype power. As a result he either went missing or supposedly killed in the Movie.

This kit include the Ballute System parts which in the series are used to assist MS with Atmospheric entry to earth as most Mobile Suits in Zeta Gundam era would burn to cinders without these parts. Hyaku Shiki used it during the infiltration to Jaburo which is former Earth Federation central of command. Personally i find the Ballute system as a mere excuse for Bandai to release another version of Hyaku Shiki and they should have made the Mega Bazooka Launcher instead of this rather useless parts in MS combat.

My personal reason why i really like Hyaku Shiki as a Mobile suit was initially started when i played Gundam vs Zeta Gundam where it is pretty awesome MS which got plenty of tricks despite not as strong as Zeta gundam and it even become more awesome in Gundam vs Gundam Next. I like this MS even more when i read Five Star Stories and understand what the source of inspiration for this MS come from.

Probably the most shot that i take for Hyaku Shiki's review is the Beam Rifle shot and i am never tired with the iconic pose of shooting the beam rifle! Hyaku Shiki is one of better machine early in the Z Gundam series but severely outmatched with other MS late in the series. The only thing that keep this MS able to compete with other powerful MS is due to the piloting skill of Quattro which are top notch though he doesn't have strong Newtype ability to fight Ace like Scirocco or Haman. One of his demostration with his skill is that he can shoot target on his back which many pilots can't pull of that trick.

The 2nd Hyaku Shiki weapon is the Clay Bazooka which is probably equivalent with the one that are used by Gundam Mk-II or Rick Dias. In GvsZG Hyaku Shiki used this weapon as Shotgun considering the the shells contain bomb clusters which the timing for the shell to disperse can be adjusted. I would assume this is the way that Quattro used this weapon which probably inspire his primary weapon for Sazabi.

This is the pose that i use for my entry of BMKWC though for some reason i can't exactly pull of the actual pose that i use for this entry. I would let anyone to figure out whether this pose has special meaning or not.

Quattro does have plenty of melee trick as well considering he is quite excelled with the close combat with his experience during OYW. From what i see in GvsZG and GvGN, Hyaku Shiki incorporate some kicks in the combo which i wonder whether it would be practical in MS combat. I also still wonder whether Char or Amuro are better in melee(though so far the record show Amuro is better).

As a closure here is the Hyaku Shiki with lights off. Initially i am considering to use metallic gold instead of plain gold to match the HD version but i decided plain Gold is still the best choice afterall. Please look forward for more of my Gundam works which will come more soon!

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