Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gundam Fix Figuration Xi Gundam

Gundam Fix Figuration is one of the Bandai Action Figure lineup which feature series from Sidestories while also having the mainstream one. One of the unique feature from this lineup compared to other Bandai's gundam Action figure such as robot damashii is that the action figure can be converted into another model by swapping parts. One of those GFF that catch my eyes is the Xi Gundam which is the lead mecha from Hathaway's flash. This is actually one of my favorite gundam design for some reason and i see this guy for first time from playing SD gundam G Generation series. The GFF version enable this model to be converted into Penelope which is the rival unit of Xi Gundam. Supposedly the action figure can be also converted into Odyssey Gundam which is the base unit of both Gundams. Xi Gundam is actually one of the gundam that i wish to have MG treatment but i guess it would be heard since this guy is 26m tall in full size. One day i will be writing Mecha Talk post about Xi gundam since i know a little bit about this guy.

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