Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gundam Wing G-unit

G-unit is sidestory of Gundam Wing which takes place in a space colony far from the main conflict of Gundam WIng which last for 3 volumes. The story revolves about the attempt of an OZ division to steal the gundam hidden in the colony. The main character is Odel Bernett who pilots Gundam Germinass unit 1 which is one of the 2 gundam developed in the colony along with his older brother who pilots the Germinass unit 2. G-unit is well known for featuring the infamous Hydra Gundam which is said to be equivalent with Epyon Gundam where the pilot is an OZ officer who claim to be Treize's greatest rival. There are some interesting mecha design in this manga such as the customized leo which look pretty cool and probably my favorite is the Germinass unit 1 custom. So far i don't think the manga is translated but i would recommend to read it since it will worth your time and the manga also include 4 koma segment which is really funny. This series is drawn by Tokita Koichi who did couple of Gundam Manga and i would suggest to look at his Gundam Wing manga which should be available in Mangafox.

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