Friday, July 22, 2011

D-Style Arbalest announced!

Just shortly after Kotobukiya announce D-Style Gaogaigar last month, now they announce another addition to D-style which is Arbalest from Full Metal Panic. There is no release date yet but probably it will come this december or next year given that Kotobukiya is occupied with other lineups already. This would be the 3rd real robot series that D-style treatment after Armored Core and Patlabor. The kit's preview show that the Arbalest come along with all of its weapon and the Lambda Drive gimmick. From what i see Kotobukiya really focus on this lineup considering it had plenty of releases already this year. There is a chance for M9 Gernsback or Codarl would get their own D-Style. I also wonder if the SRW OG mechs would get a D-Style treatment which would be nice.

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