Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MG Ingram Group shots

Another milestones reached this year!

Just as promised when i review the Ingram 1 that i will release Group shots of these Ingrams. The main reason why i bother to collect all of the 3 ingrams is they are meant to be collected as a set. Just like i said before when you completed a set of the plastic model that have particular relationship with each other, you will find the value of the model are greater compared by collecting only one of them. If you had watched the series before probably you would understand the meaning in some pics even better.

Actually i could have made a skit from these kits if they don't have severe problems in Articulation department but at least i could take the scene where the Ingrams are aiming their guns on Griffon which is the core of the skit i tried to pull of. With the Group shot being wrapped up, there will be no reviews for Patlabor anymore unless there are some new patlabor stuff that i am interested with. Also please look forward for my review for Hyaku Shiki which will be the next one after this.

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