Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My recent loot for this month: part 2

As i said before in my previous loot thread that i still have 4 more loots that are coming and here they are! I got 2 Master Grade from Rainbow Ten which is pretty nice place to get Gunpla Kit due to the reliability as they had most Gunpla in stock and get automatic shipping calculator. As promised i am getting myself a Zero Schneider part for Liger Zero and a Volks A3 TSF action figure which is F-14 Tomcat. I got the Zero Schneider from Amiami and F-14 from YJA through middleman. Initially i consider to get any TSF that Koto unlikely to release which i had F-15 in mind but in the end i got F-14 which i am not familiar with but has rather nice Missile equipment. Probably i will do straight build from these kits with consideration for Spiegel gundam that i might do a paint job. With this i won't be ordering anything anymore for this year except some of my preorder.

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