Sunday, July 3, 2011

1/35 MG AV-98 Ingram 2 Review

Now with LED unit.

Since i recently had final exam for my term i can't build any kits for a while and Ingram 2 is the first kit i finished shortly after the exam. I got this kit from YJA 3 months ago which i is quite expensive due to the middleman service but i guess it it worth the price due to the rarity of the kit.

Ingram 2 is one of the three Ingram units that are handed from Shinohara industry to Japan Police Department Special Vehicle 2 division. Ingram at that time was the leading labor in terms of performance as it is made by Shinohara Industry which is the leading industry of Labors(mecha term in Patlabor universe). Ingram 2 along with Ingram 1 are the active units that are engaged in normal operation while Ingram 3 is only used for several occassions. Ingram 2 is often sent back to Shinohara industry since most of the time the Labor is often damaged beyond the SV2 repair capability due to its pilot recklessness.

The pilot for Ingram 2 is Ohta who has 2nd best labor aptitude test early in the series and he become the Ingram pilot along with Noa. Ohta has hard personality and rather reckless as he prefer to beat the target down rather than persuading them. Therefore he often caused his Ingram 2 severely broken and do plenty of collateral damage which may cause him fired if Gotoh never clean up his mess. However Ohta is a dedicated police officer and a good marksman which even Noa unable to match him.

The kit quality is expected for an old MG kits, the articulation are pretty much equivalent to Kotobukiya kits while the plastic quality is is bad compared to recent MG kit. my biggest complaint for the Patlabor MG lineup is that the hole for the screw driver are to loose which make the screw stuck halfway and take a long time to fix the problem.

The LED effect is amazing though putting the LED part is as scary as putting the LED unit for 1/100 SRW kit. The LED will blink just like a police siren and fortunately the LED doesn't really impede the normal articulation.

The kit also include unpainted figure Ohta which are put in the cockpit and Kanuka. You need to handpaint the figure as i see it is not feasible for using spray can to paint these figures.

One of the standard armament for Ingram units is Stun Baton which emit electricity. The electric shock from the Baton should deactivate most labor though probably it will take several hits for Labor like Griffon to be deactivated. Probably the electricity from the baton can kill a human when it is directly in contact.

The second weapon that Ingram units possess is the Revolver Cannon which is the trademark weapon of this series which pretty much one hit kill for any labor when it is aimed properly. Revolver cannon is the Ohta's favorite weapon and he probably shoot until he runs out of bullet. In mini Patlabor it is shown that the bullet of the revolver cannon is rather costly though with Gotoh's negotiation skill it doesn't become any real issue. The revolver cannon is as big as a man and its recoil is really tough for a normal human to handle as Mitsumi the biggest guy in SV2 is even knocked several feet away after trying to shoot the gun without a labor.

The strongest arsenal of Ingram units is the Riot gun which is only issued for the team during specific kind of mission such as Terrorist attack. Bandai only issued the Riot Gun for Ingram 2 and the Reactive armor version only which might make you consider to get this kit. With Riot Gun, Ohta cause even more collateral damage than Revolver cannon which is why this weapon is prohibited in Urban area.

This kit is definitely worth to get for any Patlabor fans as it is the best kit for the series though you can get the Patlabor toys from Yamato which are even more awesome but costly. With this kit finished i just need to work on my Ingram 1 to complete my Patlabor collection.

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