Saturday, September 10, 2011

1/144 Wildraubtier Review

Rather small for a SRW Kit.

I haven't been reviewing any SRW kit for a while after Granzon since i got occupied with kit reviews for other mecha series and this time i present you the Wildraubtier. I never had any eyes in particular for this kit and just grabbed one from HLJ since it got 50% discount. I am not too fond of with this kit since the size is rather small and usually i built kits that roughly as big as MG kits. At first i thought it is due to Wildraubtier being one of the older SRW kit but i confirmed that the actual mecha size is about 18 m which makes the 1/144 kit rendition of it to be roughly as big as 1/144 Gundam kits in general.

Wildraubtier(or Wild Raptor in Japanese version text) is an experimental Personal Trooper in SRW OG which is used as testbed for transformation system which later would be used for R-1. Wildraubtier is probably the first PT that is shown to have transformation capability into Flight Mode and probably based on Zeta Gundam. There are several pilots used Wildraubtier in SRW OG1 starting from Kyosuke Nanbu one of the main protagonist who serve as test pilot of Wildraubtier early on and he ends up in accident during the test that he miraculously survive. Then Ryuusei Date become the 2nd person who pilot Wildraubtier during the beginning of Divine Crusader War until he got R-1. Finally Latooni Subota supposedly become the official pilot of Wildraubtier until the end of OG1.

Latooni Subota is a survivor of "The School" institute where she underwent really dangerous training as PT pilot where she found by Giado and Garnet, Earth Federation soldier after she crashed her PT few while before SRW OG starts. In OG1 she is really reserved girl and always wear glasses however her piloting skill is much better than average PT pilot. But later she began to open up herself especially to Ryuusei as she had a crush to him after he defends her from her pychopatic instructor from "The School" Addler Koch. She is the most compatible pilot for Wildraubtier since she is virtually unhittable making her a terrifying Grunt Killer though she had problem fighting against bosses as her "Hotblood" seishin cost 50 SP. Supposedly in OGs 2 Latooni will pilot upgraded version of Wildraubtier.

 I am quite disappointed with this kit as it doesn't deserve the pricetag  of 3000 yen due to the kit's size and being really lackluster in terms of accessories which Kotobukiya don't evem bother to give this kit some beam saber at very least. I built this kit straight out of the box with some minor repaint for some parts.

The only weapon that this kit got is the Hyper Beam Rifle which is the Wildraubtier's main weapon. In OG1 Wildraubtier didnt get many armaments as it served as support unit only but it has tons of space for additional weapons and i recall its full upgrade bonus is another boost for its weapon capacity. In SRW OGs the hyper beam rifle served as ALL attack when Wildraubtier is in PT mode.

Wildraubtier also got a shield in this kit though i never recall that it has one in the game not to mention it is probably useless as Wildraubtier had rather crappy defense.

Wildraubtier is able to transform into Flight mode or F-mode in short which enable it to travle Middair in high speed. In F-Mode Wildraubtier is able to drop bombs against enemies which is perfect for Ground targets. The kit's transformation require swapping parts and i find the transformation process is similar with my 1/100 R-1.

 This is the comparison of Wildraubtier with R-1 and as you can see Wildraubtier is pretty small as R-1 height is around 22 cm. With this i won't be buying the older SRW kits anymore except few kits that i still looking forward to be reissued such as Rein Weissritter and Thrudelgelmir. I will probably try to finish my 1/144 Huckebein Boxer soon as i will have 2 weeks of midterm break.

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