Thursday, September 15, 2011

Super Robot Chogokin Solar Aquarion

At last more details for SRC of this mecha revealed few weeks ago! Bandai will release SRC of Solar Aquarion in December this year. I have been quite a fan of Sousei no Aquarion after watching the series and playing SRW Z due to its awesome song and its super robot that got plenty of cool moves on its sleeve. Solar Aquarion is the main form out of the 3 Aquarion form piloted by the hotblooded protagonist Apollo who is just plain good smacking the Shadow Angels around. While it is confirmed the SRC won't be transformable, at least it got some proper gimmick parts to replicate the original mech's trademark such as Mugen Punch which i recall the normal SoC version didn't have and it also come with the Ippatsu Gyakuten Punch as well which is shown in SRW Z2. I am tempted to get this SRC into my collection but i guess i would skip it in order to get SRC Zeorymer which is probably released around next year. I still wonder if Mars and Luna Aquarion would get SRC version though i think Assault Aquarion had better chance compared to them to get SRC release.

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