Friday, September 23, 2011

Figma Tekkaman Blade

I am not a collector of Figma but the announcement for Tekkaman Blade catch my eye for sure. While the release date is not announced yet Max Factory has shown the sample for the figma, The figma height is around 14 cm which satisfactory enough for me and probably come with Voltekka gimmick as well. Tekkaman Blade is the lead protagonist of the reboot of Tekkaman series in 1990s who fight bug like monsters called Radam. There is a good chance for me to get this figma as i am quite a fan of the series and probably affordable enough compared to Armor Plus version which are meant for collectors. I wonder if Sol Tekkaman or Evil would get the Figma treatment as well.


    Wonder if Bandai will pull a Ryuki against this. The Dragon Knight figma was completely eclipsed by the SHFiguarts.

  2. Well probably Bandai could release SRC version if they want to though they have Soul of Chogokin and Armor Plus version already.