Monday, September 19, 2011

The Big O


Another series added to my finished list yet again! Back then i have no interest at all with this series until i play SRW Z which Big O is featured in( I guess i watched plenty of mecha series due to SRW lol). I really like the song and mecha design from Big O which i find rather unique for Japanese Mecha series. I also heard that this anime had one of the better English Dub which is considered to be rare.

Big O has 2 seasons which sums up to 26 episodes which most of the episodes are standalone. The story revolves around a Negotiator, Roger Smith's adventure in Paradigm city, a city that lost its memory 40 years ago in order to find his memory. Roger is accompanied by a female android called Dorothy and his butler Norman throughout his adventure. While Roger is a negotiator, he perform investigation most of the time and possess a giant black robot called Big O which he can summon when situation needs it.

Big O has rather unique animation style as it incorporate Film noir which were used for classic american films. The soundtrack complement the series perfectly as you will find plenty of jazz and epic score which are commonly used music for film noirs in the anime. The mecha action in this game might not be as fast paced as real robot series but the mecha is powerful enough to create some massive destructions on its surrounding.

Unfortunately Big O's series continuation was cancelled back then which makes the series story as a whole is still confusing as there are many things revolving around the main plot still left unconcluded. With more exposure of this series in recent i hope there will be some possibility for Big O get a new season considering i wish to see the series concluded properly.

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