Monday, September 5, 2011

Ushio and Tora

Out of many Shonen Manga that i read, Ushio and Tora is one my favorite. Ushio and Tora was one of the best Shonen Manga at its time with youkai theme just like Nurarihyon. The story revolves around Ushio a boy who had normal life until he find a mystical spear called beast spear which is impaled on a youkai in his house basement and started a journey to defeat great evil called Hakumen no mono. Later he called they Youkai Tora and they have some kind of awkward relationship as Tora tries to eat Ushio all the time but end up being hit by Ushio with beast spear, however they gradually develop friendship and Tora is tsundere all the time.

I read the first few volumes when i was on middle school which discontinued afterward and resume to read after the manga is scanlated and just finished reading it few months ago. Personally the reason why i really like this manga as it presents the important aspects of Shonen manga really well especially friendship and courage and the main character is just really likeable. While the drawing is not that good i would strongly recommend to read the manga considering the you will rarely find the manga's epicness in most Shonen manga nowadays.

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